futuro da toca

1-2 Day Workshop (6-8 hrs)


Hands-on experience in getting the most out of a garden is going to be an invaluable skill in the challenging times ahead and getting kids enthusiastically involved, in their early years, is important for their future resilience.

If you could go back to your childhood to learn something that would have changed your way of seeing life, what would it be? Learning to observe and understand nature in order to interact and work with it without harming it is becoming more important every day… Give your children the opportunity to start life with the right foot!!
























  • Big Kids Workshop: for boys and girls between 11-14 years old



All topics are shown through simple and fun activities appropriate for each age group, so that the children learn that interacting with nature is easy and fun!



Children will take home: pots with the seeds they planted, extra seeds to plant with mom and dad, the tree they planted in order to transplant it later at home or in a park.


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